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FDA, European agencies investigating makeup for asbestos

The recent revelation that some talc-based makeup sold at Claire's contained asbestos sparked concern and outrage among consumers. In March, the Food and Drug Administration began a general investigation into makeup products sold in the U.S. Recently, the Netherlands announced a similar investigation into consumer makeup products sold in Europe.

Cosmetics do not have to get approval from the FDA before going to market, although cosmetic companies are required to provide safe products and properly label their products.

One in four construction workers exposed to asbestos

The danger asbestos poses to construction workers has not been as widely acknowledged in recent years. For too many, asbestos is a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, asbestos remains a significant danger. Thousands die every year due to exposure to asbestos dust, largely from mesothelioma and lung cancer. Tens of millions of homes throughout the U.S. contain asbestos, and industrial processes and products continue to use asbestos.

J & J must pay $117 million for asbestos in baby powder

A New Jersey man will receive $30 million after developing asbestos from inhaling Johnson & Johnson baby powder. His spouse is set to receive $7 million in compensation.

On April 6, a jury found the healthcare conglomerate 70 percent responsible for using talc contaminated with asbestos in its product. The jury found its talc supplier 30 percent responsible.

On April 11, the jury awarded another $80 million in punitive damages. 

OSHA requires asbestos training for school maintenance workers

It can be difficult to know when asbestos is present in a particular material or building. If in doubt, it is best to assume that asbestos is present. We recently wrote about the frequent presence of asbestos in schools throughout the country.

The prevalence of asbestos in schools is one reason why the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires certain custodians and maintenance workers at schools to receive at least 16 hours of asbestos training if they will undertake any activities that could expose themselves or others to asbestos.

New handheld test can detect asbestos

Many homeowners are unaware of whether their house contains asbestos. Used throughout the 20th century as an insulator, asbestos is not detectable by sight alone. Asbestos is a deadly carcinogen linked to mesothelioma, lung cancer and other asbestos-related illnesses.

Much of the asbestos causing health problems today came from a vermiculite mine in Libby, Montana. Libby vermiculite contains a high concentration of asbestos. Vermiculite is a mineral that expands when heated, leading to it being an effective insulator.

Don't think the danger from asbestos is over

Asbestos? Isn't that the stuff that people stopped using ages ago -- back in the 1970s? Is there really any reason to worry about asbestos exposure these days?

Absolutely. In fact, doctors say that most of the cases of mesothelioma -- a type of lung and abdominal cancer -- that they see today are the result of exposure to the substance. Asbestos is a natural product that was used in a variety of industrial and military building materials and heralded for its fire retardant properties. Unfortunately, products made with asbestos shed tiny fibers that get into the air when they're disturbed. Those fibers can be easily inhaled, and they're very destructive to the human body.

Randy Gori honored with Friend of Labor Award

Randy Gori, founding partner of Gori Julian & Associates, P.C., was recently awarded the 2018 Friend of Labor Award. The award recognizes the community achievements of Gori by the Central Labor Council representing over 30,000 members of 80+ unions, lodges and other affiliated organizations throughout Madison County and surrounding counties. This is the highest award given to a person who is not a member of a labor organization.

The mission of the GMCFL is to improve the lives of working families and also bring economic justice to the workplace as well as social justice to our state and the nation. The organization supports workers in Madison County and all over Southern Illinois helping to improve living conditions and workplaces and strengthen the voice of all working families in a changing global economy.

The health implications of asbestos exposure

Exposure to asbestos can be extremely damaging to your health. Unfortunately it is difficult to know whether you have been exposed to the dangerous substance or not. However, it is more likely that you have suffered exposure to asbestos if you have been working in a building that contains asbestos while it was being renovated.

The heath risks that asbestos exposure is linked to are numerous. Exposure can increase the risk of an otherwise healthy person developing all types of diseases. You should familiarize yourself with the diseases associated with this substance.

Prince's heirs take next steps toward wrongful death claim

An Illinois court has given the heirs of music icon Prince access to some documents that they hope will give them critical clues about the events leading up to his death -- including enough information to decide if a wrongful death lawsuit is possible.

Wrongful death lawsuits can be filed when someone dies as a result of another person's negligence. In Illinois, a wrongful death claim must be filed within two years of an individual's death. For Prince, that date will be before the end of April, 2018.

Which workers are at most risk for developing mesothelioma?

Asbestos exposure among miners, millers, factory line workers and construction workers was relatively high until the 1960s and 1970s. Little did they know at the time just how deadly exposure to the mineral would prove to be later in life. It's largely due to the fact that asbestos has a latency period of 10 to 40 years that it's only now that the true harmful effects of exposure to it are being experienced by so many.

Data released by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) suggests that during the four decades leading up to 1980, as many as 27 million workers may have been exposed to asbestos fibers. Virtually any worker in any trade that you can think of was likely exposed to it, from electricians to plumbers, painters to mechanics and welders to shipyard workers.

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