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Mesothelioma Law Blog

Researchers find genetic component to mesothelioma

Researchers have found through genetic testing that some people are more disposed to mesothelioma than others.

While the concentration and duration of asbestos exposure remains the main cause of mesothelioma, a genetic mutation in the BAP1 gene can determine the effectiveness of chemotherapy, the length of treatment and whether your relatives are predisposed to mesothelioma themselves.

Multiple defendants in mesothelioma lawsuits

The health hazards associated with exposure to asbestos have been around for more than 200 years. The first documented cases of the medical condition we now call mesothelioma come to us from the 1930s. Abatement programs to remove asbestos from buildings have been going on since the early 1970s, yet we are still hearing of cases of exposure due to asbestos found in manufactured products today.


Don’t forget about mental health after a mesothelioma diagnosis

Men are more likely to have untreated depression

Asbestos was — and is — found in predominately male-dominated fields. From Navy shipyards to demolition and construction, for decades men worked around asbestos without proper safety equipment. Many have now been diagnosed with mesothelioma because of their exposure.

Historic hotel renovations lead to multiple asbestos violations

Old buildings have charm. Old buildings have character. Many old buildings also have asbestos.

When renovations happen, we put our trust in the companies who have the special training to properly remove asbestos without endangering the public. That trust is broken, time and time again, by companies who cut corners. That certainly appears to be the case in a historic hotel in Spokane, Washington.

3 tips for traveling with mesothelioma during the holidays

A lot of people travel during the holiday season -- and it's seldom a fun adventure for anyone. However, when you suffer from a chronic illness like mesothelioma, the difficulty of traveling takes on new proportions.

Here are some helpful tips that can get you through the trip:

What kind of in-home assistance do you need?

When you're struggling with a chronic illness that severely limits your ability to handle everyday tasks, it's time to get help.

In-home care services can help you lead a better life, despite your illness. Depending on the nature of your sickness and your symptoms, you may need daily care or just occasionally assistance -- from just one type of provider or several. There's no right or wrong way to choose in-home care services because each person's needs are unique.

How to handle chronic illness and depression

Nobody likes to find out that they're sick, and it's even worse to find out that you're going to stay sick. That's why nobody's really surprised to find out that depression and chronic illness often go hand-in-hand.

So, how can you cope if you've been handled both of these burdens to carry at once?

What does the DOJ investigation mean for asbestos trust funds?

Recently, the Department of Justice filed a Statement of Interest regarding the establishment of a new asbestos trust fund. While filing for bankruptcy, the Kaiser Gypsum Company also established funds for an asbestos trust to compensate former employees who got sick after working with asbestos.

This is not the first time that the DOJ has filed a Statement of Interest into a matter like this one. Below are the most frequently asked questions about the DOJ's interest in the matter.

The combination of two mesothelioma treatments looks promising

In 2003, the Human Genome Project (HGP) completed one of the greatest feats in the history of mankind. That year, after ten years of labor, an international team of experts gave us the genetic blueprint to build a human being. Twelve years later, in 2015, individual genome mapping came to market. Individual mapping is done today in 6 hours or less at a cost of roughly $1,000. What this means for the future of medicine is unfathomable.

Where doctor’s widespread medical knowledge was once reduced to a sophisticated form of trial and error, today's cutting edge medicine has harnessed the power of individual genome mapping to provide targeted and personalized treatment plans. Now, that doesn’t mean we will soon be a disease-free nation, but it does inspire optimism. Here is how mesothelioma patients could see a benefit in the future.

Asbestos that's hiding in plain sight

You probably know that asbestos is dangerous -- even lethal. What you may not know, however, is the fact that asbestos can be hiding right in front of you in numerous forms.

Asbestos can turn up in places that you least expect -- from the walls you want to renovate in your home to the tile floor that your boss is redoing in the kitchen of the restaurant you work in. It can also turn up in a lot of other unlikely places -- like a thrift shop or an antique store. Unfortunately, what you don't know really can hurt you when it comes to asbestos.

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