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Workplace injuries occur in virtually every profession. Construction workers, commercial drivers, office workers, factory workers and anyone with a job can find themselves injured in the course of doing their work. The workers' compensation system was put in place as a compromise between workers and employers. Workers gave up the right to seek certain types of damages in exchange for not having to prove negligence to collect money. Injured workers were supposed to be protected. Unfortunately, there are still ways that workers can be denied proper compensation following an accident.

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Workers' Compensation Insurance And Third-Party Liability

Employers generally buy workers' compensation insurance to cover any medical costs or lost wages suffered by workers after an accident. We can help you understand what costs are covered and what you need to do to collect workers' compensation. If you have questions about what doctor you can see and when you need to return to work, we can help you get answers.

Third-party liability describes a situation related to workers' comp. If someone other than your employer was fully or partially responsible for your injury, you may be able to pursue compensation from that party. Third-party liability suits allow you to seek a broader range of compensation than workers' compensation claims. You can seek money for pain and suffering, for example, if you have a third-party claim.

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