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An intense fear of doctors is known as iatrophobia. Most people feel anxious before going to a doctor, but they still believe that the visit will help them maintain or improve their health. For people suffering from iatrophobia, the thought of going to the doctor inspires feelings of panic and terror.

A severe fear of doctors is not healthy, but neither is the belief that doctors are immune from human error. Doctors, nurses and other health care providers do make mistakes. Those mistakes can lead to injury and even death.

The Prevailing Standard Of Care

Doctors, nurses and hospital staff are not likely to tell you that malpractice was the cause of an injury, illness or death of a loved one. Those in the health care industry know that results are not guaranteed. Even a perfect procedure can fail to produce the hoped-for result in a patient. Given the imprecise nature of the medical field, it might not be surprising that doctors are reluctant to admit when a mistake was the cause of an injury or death.

Medical personnel are expected to meet the prevailing standard of care. Determining what a doctor should have done in each situation is complicated. It is all too easy for patients to be confused and misled about medical malpractice.

Common Errors In The Medical Field

There are several types of errors that are common in the U.S. healthcare industry. Errors in diagnosis, either missing a serious health condition or diagnosing a condition incorrectly, are the most common type of mistake. Other common issues include medication errors, unnecessary tests and procedures, hospital-acquired infections and surgical errors. Each can lead to injury or result in death in severe cases. Some estimates have suggested that up to 400,000 people die every year because of medical mistakes.

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