USS Oak Hill

Information about asbestos exposure on the USS Oak Hill

USS Oak Hill (LSD 7) (ex-APM 7) - Navy Dock Landing Ship

Classification: Dock Landing Ship

Status: Disposed of by Navy Sale

Fleet: Pacific/Atlantic

Launch Date: 6/25/1943
Commission Date: 1/5/1944
Decommission Date: 10/26/1969

The USS Oak Hill earned five battle stars for her service during World War II. She took part in the atomic and hydrogen bomb tests in the Marshalls.

A dock landing ship supports amphibious operations by carrying significant amounts of vehicles, cargo, and landing troops directly onto an unimproved shore. These ships proved extremely useful during the war, however, the end of World War II left the Navy with a huge inventory of amphibious ships, specifically tank landing ships. These ships were scrapped or sunk, and a small amount were preserved for the future. Additionally, many of the dock landing ships were demilitarized and sold to the private sector or used as targets in aquatic nuclear testing after the war. World War II era tank landing ships have become somewhat ubiquitous, and have found a number of novel commercial uses, including operating as small freighters, ferries, and dredges. Crewmembers who sailed aboard tank landing ships brought essential equipment, cargo, goods, and troops to their destination on shore, all the while being exposed to Asbestos.

Anyone who served on a tank landing ship should speak with their doctor regarding asbestos related diseases such as Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer, and the treatment options available.

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