Meet Our Staff

Our Knowledgeable, Professional Staff

Supporting our attorneys in these efforts is a staff of highly trained paralegals and professionals, each of whom has been specially trained to deal with the demands of complex asbestos and mesothelioma lawsuits. Clients find our staff to be an incredible source of support and a valuable resource that ensures someone in the office will almost always be able to answer questions and address their concerns if their attorney is not immediately available.


  • Howard, Kristina - Office Manager Kristina Howard Office Manager
  • Lagemann, Caitlin - HR Manager Caitlin Lagemann HR Manager
  • Hartweger, Kathy - Finance Manager Kathy Hartweger Finance Manager


  • Kanallakan, Nicole - Discovery Paralegal Nicole Kanallakan Discovery Paralegal
  • Schildknecht, Jennifer - Discovery Paralegal Jennifer Schildknecht Discovery Paralegal
  • Jarke, Mila - Litigation Paralegal Mila Jarke Litigation Paralegal
  • Schiber, Tanya - Litigation Paralegal Tanya Schiber Litigation Paralegal
  • Darr, Suzanne - Litigation Paralegal Suzanne Darr Litigation Paralegal
  • Steiner, Danielle - Litigation Paralegal Danielle Steiner Litigation Paralegal
  • Meyer, Krysten - Mass Torts Paralegal Krysten Meyer Mass Torts Paralegal
  • Hatten, Morgan - Medicare Paralegal Morgan Hatten Medicare Paralegal
  • Christ, Alecia - Research Paralegal Alecia Christ Research Paralegal
  • Rose-Nasello, Brittani - Special Projects Paralegal Brittani Rose-Nasello Senior Paralegal

Legal Assistants

  • Dallas, Chris - Legal Secretary to Randy Gori Chris Dallas Legal Assistant to Randy Gori
  • Friedrich, Samantha - Medicare Legal Assistant Samantha Friedrich Medicare Legal Assistant
  • Devine, Dawn - Legal Assistant Depositions Dawn Devine Legal Assistant Depositions
  • Padgett, Susan - Legal Assistant Susan Padgett Legal Assistant
  • Heigert, Lindy - Legal Assistant Lindy Heigert Legal Assistant
  • Rushton, Amy - Legal Assistant Amy Rushton Legal Assistant
  • Welch, Ashley - Legal Assistant Ashley Welch Legal Assistant
  • Fish Amy - Legal Assistant Amy Fish Legal Assistant
  • Carly Davis - Medicare Legal Assistant Carly Davis Medicare Legal Assistant
  • Jennifer Kenney - Legal Assistant Jennifer Kenney Legal Assistant
  • Sanders, C'ara - Service C'ara Sanders Legal Assistant


  • Guarino, Daniel - PID Daniel Guarino PID
  • Twyford, Darren - PID Darren Twyford PID
  • Boyd, Kristopher - PID Kristopher Boyd PID
  • Cozad, Cindy - PID Cindy Cozad PID
  • Jessica Cochran - Scanner Jessica Cochran PID


  • Johnessee, Phyllis - Bankruptcy Phyllis Johnessee Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Allison, Nichole - Bankruptcy Paralegal Nichole Allison Bankruptcy Paralegal
  • DeSherlia, Holly - Bankruptcy Paralegal Holly DeSherlia Bankruptcy Paralegal
  • Farmer, Jennifer - Legal Assistant Jennifer Farmer Legal Assistant
  • Felton, Alicia - Legal Assistant Alicia Felton Bankruptcy Paralegal
  • Forrester, Michele - Legal Assistant Michele Forrester Legal Assistant
  • Frost, Jessie - Legal Assistant Jessie Frost Legal Assistant


  • Roberson, Joy - Complaints Joy Roberson Complaints
  • Wright, Jennifer - Complaints Jennifer Wright Complaints


  • Kimberlee Boltz - Service Kimberlee Boltz Service
  • Bowser, Connie - Service Connie Bowser Service
  • Garee, Janice - Service Janice Garee Service
  • Terri Branson - Service Terri Branson Service

Waivers & Consents

  • Gray, Tara - Waivers & Consents Tara Gray Waivers & Consents


  • Stewart, Becky - Affidavits Becky Stewart Affidavits
  • Tourville, Erica - Affidavits Erica Tourville Affidavits
  • Cathcart, Christina - Affidavits Christina Cathcart Affidavits

Intake Coordinator

  • Thatcher, Emily - Intake Coordinator Emily Thatcher Intake Coordinator
  • Shelly Tongay - Intake Coordinator Shelly Tongay Intake Coordinator
  • Kelsey Seketa - Intake Coordinator Kelsey Seketa Intake Coordinator
  • Heather Birdsell - Intake Coordinator Heather Birdsell Intake Coordinator
  • Boyer, Magan - Legal Assistant Megan Boyer Intake Coordinator


  • Ridenbark, Karah - Medical Karah Ridenbark Medical
  • Lisa Steele - Medical Lisa Steele Medical


  • Hudson, Nicole - Settlements Nicole Hudson Settlements
  • Lawson, Stephanie - Settlements Stephanie Lawson Settlements
  • Hopley, Katie - Settlement Paralegal Katie Hopley Settlement Paralegal

Other Staff

  • Boyce, Mary Beth - Receptionist Mary Beth Boyce Receptionist

California Office

  • Angela Red - Paralegal Angela Red Paralegal
  • Farzana La Rue - Legal Assistant Farzana La Rue Legal Assistant

Florida Office

  • Yesenia Witherspoon - Paralegal Yesenia Witherspoon Paralegal
  • Meredith White - Bankruptcy Meredith White - Bankruptcy
  • Leif Carlson - Intake Leif Carlson Intake

New York Office

  • John Duque - Paralegal John Duque Paralegal