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Mesothelioma isn't the only asbestos-related illness possible

Asbestos-related conditions can cause serious issues in your life. The medical implications can mean that you have to live your life out in pain and having to undergo medical interventions. Many people think about mesothelioma when they hear about asbestos exposure. While this is a serious condition associated with asbestos, other conditions like asbestosis are also possible.

Asbestosis is a chronic lung condition that can impact you for the rest of your life. The condition ranges from mild to severe. It can cause a dry cough, shortness of breath and other symptoms. One troubling point about asbestosis is that it doesn't usually become evident until 10 to 40 years after asbestos exposure.

When did mesothelioma lawsuits begin?

The timeline for mesothelioma lawsuits and asbestos issues is lengthy, since the dangers of asbestos weren't known for a long time and had to be proven before real action could be taken.

Generally speaking, the 1930s saw the rise of the first asbestos lawsuits. This is when people were initially beginning to recognize the danger.

Decades after being banned, asbestos is still claiming lives

Even though many types of asbestos-containing materials have been banned in the U.S. since the 1970s, people are still getting sick and suffering from deadly conditions because of this hazardous substance. If fact, while asbestos use has declined sharply over the last four decades, instances of mesothelioma-related deaths has actually increased.

According to data recently released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), from 1999 to 2015, there were an alarming 45,221 deaths linked to malignant mesothelioma. Even worse, the number of deaths jumped from 2,479 in 1999 to 2,597 in 2015 - representing a 4.8 percent increase.

What a wrongful death claim is and how to prove it

Wrongful death refers to a situation in which someone loses their life as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another. A wrongful death case may stem from a variety of circumstances including situations involving medical errors, fatal car accidents, hazardous working conditions, or as a result of a crime.

Patient deaths found to have resulted from medical malpractice can occur for a number of reasons. Among two of the most common ones, there are medical misdiagnoses and botched surgeries.

Toddler swing recall points to product liability issues

People generally trust products made for babies to be safe—when they aren't, responsible companies do what they can to limit the damage as soon as they become aware of the problem.

For example, Little Tikes has issued a recall on roughly 540,000 pink "2-in-1 Snug'n Secure" toddler swings because there have been 140 reports of the swing breaking. At least 39 children have been injured as a result, two with broken arms.

Learn your legal rights after your mesothelioma diagnosis

Mesothelioma diagnoses are devastating, and your health should remain your primary focus after you get diagnosed. But you also may wish to consider the legal rights you have in such situations.

Job-related asbestos exposures caused you to contract this disease, and the companies for which you worked can and should be held accountable for your losses and damages. They won't pay up on their own, however — it's something you must aggressively pursue.

Court reverses plaintiff's case on appeal

Back in 2012, the courts dealt a blow to those family members of asbestos workers who acquired asbestos-related conditions through second-hand exposures.

The case arose from a lawsuit filed against Ford Motor Company after a woman alleged that her mesothelioma diagnosis was due to secondary exposure from washing her male relatives' work clothes four decades prior.

Laundry pods back in the news as hazards to children

Laundry pods have been linked to over 1,200 incidences of chemical burns to children's eyes in one three-year period. The JAMA Ophthalmology journal published results of its research that showed the burn rate rose over 30 times for those age 3-4.

The detergent packs first hit the shelves in 2012, consisting of detergent mixtures encased in water-soluble film. The colors were bright and often featured swirls that a child could confuse with a sweet treat.

Doctors link talcum powder to higher risk of ovarian cancer

According to research recently published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, doctors in Manhattan have found a statistically significant link between the use of talcum powder and ovarian cancer in woman.

In fact, Dr. Paolo Boffetta of The Tisch Cancer Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital — and one of the doctors involved in the recent study — was quoted by Newsday as saying, "Overall, it is about a 20 percent higher risk for women who say they used talc, compared to women who say they did not use it."

Tips for going to your doctor appointment for diagnosis

Sometimes we put off dealing with troubling symptoms out of fear. We may suspect what the problem may be and dread having it confirmed. But until a diagnosis is made by your doctor, treatment can't start, so you have to take that first scary step.

Those who are experiencing abdominal or lung symptoms and who have worked in industries where mesothelioma is commonly contracted are particularly at risk. Your first stop should be your primary care physician. He or she can evaluate your symptoms and provide you with a referral to a gastroenterologist or a pulmonologist.

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