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Mesothelioma Law Blog

Learn your legal rights after your mesothelioma diagnosis

Mesothelioma diagnoses are devastating, and your health should remain your primary focus after you get diagnosed. But you also may wish to consider the legal rights you have in such situations.

Job-related asbestos exposures caused you to contract this disease, and the companies for which you worked can and should be held accountable for your losses and damages. They won't pay up on their own, however — it's something you must aggressively pursue.

Court reverses plaintiff's case on appeal

Back in 2012, the courts dealt a blow to those family members of asbestos workers who acquired asbestos-related conditions through second-hand exposures.

The case arose from a lawsuit filed against Ford Motor Company after a woman alleged that her mesothelioma diagnosis was due to secondary exposure from washing her male relatives' work clothes four decades prior.

Laundry pods back in the news as hazards to children

Laundry pods have been linked to over 1,200 incidences of chemical burns to children's eyes in one three-year period. The JAMA Ophthalmology journal published results of its research that showed the burn rate rose over 30 times for those age 3-4.

The detergent packs first hit the shelves in 2012, consisting of detergent mixtures encased in water-soluble film. The colors were bright and often featured swirls that a child could confuse with a sweet treat.

Doctors link talcum powder to higher risk of ovarian cancer

According to research recently published in the European Journal of Cancer Prevention, doctors in Manhattan have found a statistically significant link between the use of talcum powder and ovarian cancer in woman.

In fact, Dr. Paolo Boffetta of The Tisch Cancer Institute of Mount Sinai Hospital — and one of the doctors involved in the recent study — was quoted by Newsday as saying, "Overall, it is about a 20 percent higher risk for women who say they used talc, compared to women who say they did not use it."

Tips for going to your doctor appointment for diagnosis

Sometimes we put off dealing with troubling symptoms out of fear. We may suspect what the problem may be and dread having it confirmed. But until a diagnosis is made by your doctor, treatment can't start, so you have to take that first scary step.

Those who are experiencing abdominal or lung symptoms and who have worked in industries where mesothelioma is commonly contracted are particularly at risk. Your first stop should be your primary care physician. He or she can evaluate your symptoms and provide you with a referral to a gastroenterologist or a pulmonologist.

Personal injury covers a wide range of areas in Illinois

Personal injury in the state of Illinois covers a wide range of areas, not just one specific thing. Suffering an injury on the roads, at a park, at a place of business, at school or anywhere else can be difficult to handle. Injuries don't always heal quickly and they can change your lifestyle.

Common types of personal injury cases include:

Illinois woman killed by snow plow

Tragedy struck recently in northern Illinois when a suburban Thornton woman died after her car was hit by a snow plow on Jan. 9 in Chicago Heights.

The fatal accident occurred shortly before midnight at the intersection of Halsted and Alice Streets, according to officers with the Chicago Heights Police Department. The woman, 31, was driving her 2000 model Pontiac Grand Am when it was struck by a 2015 International truck that had been fitted with a snow plow.

Army warns of troops' use of energy drinks

According to recent media reports, the United States military is sharing its concerns about the dangers for service members who drink excessive amounts of energy drinks.

The official science blog of the Pentagon has a post detailing the "serious harm to [the] body" and the health risks for troops in the field who rely on these drinks as stimulants.

The 4 stages of mesothelioma

If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, your oncologist likely told you it was either state one, two, three or four. But what exactly do those stages mean?

The stages detail the progression of the disease and can help your doctor decide on the best treatment plan for you to follow. Below are the four stages of mesothelioma explained in greater detail.

Do you need help filing a mesothelioma claim?

If you just got diagnosed with mesothelioma, it likely floored you like a heavyweight punch. Coming to terms with such a devastating diagnosis is tough, especially around the holidays when you may feel forced to put on a false, hearty demeanor.

Your first concern should always be for your health, seeking treatment and managing your condition to be able to make the most out of the time that you have left. Your oncologist can provide you with an individualized treatment plan that maximizes your good days while minimizing your bad days.

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