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We have Settled Hundreds of Cases in Excess of $1 Million Dollars.

Here are some of the results that Gori Julian has achieved. Many of these settlement amounts do not include payments from the bankruptcy trusts.

In 2013, we had over $150 million dollars in recoveries. We've had over a half billion dollars in settlements since 2008 and over a billion dollars in our career.

Past performance and settlements do not guarantee or indicate the outcome of an individual case.

AgeLiving / DeceasedDiseaseTradeSettlement Amount
Minor ChildrenDeceasedWrongful DeathTrain Accident10 Million+
76LivingMesotheliomaPipefitter7.0 Million
DeceasedMesotheliomaInsulator6.0 million
77DeceasedMesotheliomaInsulator4.7 million
67LivingMesotheliomaPipefitter4.1 million
53DeceasedMesotheliomaBoilermaker4.0 million
65LivingMesotheliomaLaborer4.0 million
85LivingMesotheliomaBoilermaker4.0 million
83DeceasedMesotheliomaElectrician3.5 million
76LivingMesotheliomaPipefitter, Welder3.2 million
53DeceasedMesotheliomaMillwright/Machinist/Carpenter3.1 million
68DeceasedMesotheliomaBoilermaker3.1 million
80LivingMesotheliomaLaborer/Mechanic3.0 million
66DeceasedMesotheliomaPipefitter/Welder3.0 million
63LivingMesotheliomaLaborer/Mechanic3.0 million
75DeceasedMesotheliomaPipefitter3.0 million
86DeceasedMesotheliomaElectrician3.0 million
67DeceasedMesotheliomaLaborer/Mechanic3.0 million
77LivingMesotheliomaInsulator3.0 million
83DeceasedMesotheliomaElectrician2.9 million
54DeceasedMesotheliomaAutomotive Work/Secondary Exposure2.7 million
64DeceasedMesotheliomaLaborer2.7 million
77DeceasedMesotheliomaLaborer2.7 million
82DeceasedMesotheliomaLaborer2.6 million
70DeceasedMesotheliomaPipefitter2.6 million
64DeceasedMesotheliomaInspector2.5 million
89DeceasedMesotheliomaPlumber/Pipefitter/Welder2.4 million
66DeceasedMesotheliomaMechanic2.4 million
66DeceasedMesotheliomaLaborer2.4 million
79DeceasedMesotheliomaRailroad/Laborer2.4 million
85DeceasedMesotheliomaSecondary exposure2.4 million
85DeceasedMesotheliomaElectrician2.4 million
80DeceasedMesotheliomaSheet metal worker2.2 Million
69LivingMesotheliomaLaborer2.2 million
79DeceasedMesotheliomaLaborer/Insulator2.2 million
79DeceasedMesotheliomaMachinist/Laborer2.2 million
42DeceasedMesotheliomaMachinist2.2 million
64DeceasedMesotheliomaPlastics Worker2.2 million
74DeceasedMesotheliomaSheet Metal Worker2.1 million
68LivingMesotheliomaWelder/Pipefitter2.1 million
89DeceasedMesotheliomaPipefitter/Plumber/Welder2.1 million
77DeceasedMesotheliomaTruck Driver/Insulator2.1 million
66LivingMesotheliomaMillwright/Machinist/Railroad2.1 million
61DeceasedMesotheliomaNavy2.1 million
55DeceasedMesotheliomaRailroad2.1 million
62DeceasedMesotheliomaLaborer/Insulator2.1 million
67DeceasedMesotheliomaConstruction2.1 million
79DeceasedMesotheliomaMachinist2.1 nillion
79DeceasedMesotheliomaInsulator2.0 million
52LivingMesotheliomaLaborer/Mechanic2.0 million
63LivingMesotheliomaOperator/Grinder/Laborer2.0 million
79LivingMesotheliomaElectrician/Laborer2.0 million
81LivingMesotheliomaLaborer/Contractor2.0 million
77DeceasedMesotheliomaLaborer2.0 million
72DeceasedMesotheliomaInsulator2.0 million
70DeceasedMesotheliomaLaborer2.0 million
75DeceasedMesotheliomaCarpenter2.0 million
68DeceasedMesotheliomaPlumber/Sheet Metal Specialist2.0 million

We have settled hundreds of other cases in excess of $1 Million Dollars.

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